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CJW Newsletter is a multichannel marketing extension for eZ Publish, providing seamless integration with eZ Publish from both technical and usabiltiy perspectives. It can be used independently as a separate platform for newsletters and mutlichannel online marketing.

The "CJW Newsletter" is available in two versions.

  1. eZ Market version (http://ez.no/market/Available-extensions/CJW-Newsletter)
  2. Community version under GPL license (http://projects.ez.no/cjw_newsletter)

We offer professional service and support for both versions.

Key features

  • multiple subscription lists
  • multilingual
  • seamless integration into content model of eZ Publish and the administration interface including eZ Online Editor
  • blacklist management
  • bounce management
  • HTML and text emails
  • test and preview
  • CSV import and CSV export of users
  • newsletter archive


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